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isaw digital programs

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Recent posts from my personal blog are listed below.

I also sometimes blog at the Ancient World Bloggers Group, Current Epigraphy, Digital Papyrology, and the Stoa.

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Online resources from ISAW

The ISAW digital programs team produces a range of online resources for ancient studies.

Ancient texts

I'm one of the co-creators of the EpiDoc customization of the Text Encoding Initiative: an XML specification for encoding ancient documents and texts.


This site is hacked together by hand using the Oxygen XML editor. I manage my files in git. All the interaction and layout in this page is powered by CSS and JQuery.

The page is currently hosted at heroku using Kenneth Reitz's easy php hack for hosting static sites on heroku cedar.

Conversion of my FOAF profile into HTML for display uses an XSLT stylesheet I wrote and Jorrit Jongma's jQuery Plugin for Google's AJAXSLT.


I have self-published the following resources: